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Healing Directions

Your Source for Healing Information, Sounds and Tools in Support of Brain-Mind-Body Connection


You have come to the right place if you are interested in your health and well-being! Healing Directions provides services within the wellness arena, designed to gently influence peace, healing and happiness within us. Our hope is to convey mutual learning and deep connection that is felt as safe, inspiring and creative. If you are on a walk of conscious wellness and healing, and desire greater understanding of your mind-body connection and personal energy, we can provide guidance.

"Without the help of Big Pharma, the insurance companies, doctors, nurses or any of the other millions of people working in health care, you are helping people heal their lives, an hour at a time."  ~ Howard, Dallas area business owner

Our track record spans 33 years blending business ownership, leadership, training and consulting with wellness counseling, energy healing practices, and classes. One of the most significant factors of the work is that in order to assist someone with their challenges and healing needs requires us to get into our own areas for growth as well. We have found that the richness of our well-being goes deeper as we support and mutually experience healing with others. We are all in this together!


Our services include Wellness in Business, Musical Accompaniment for small gatheringsEnergy Balancing Sessions, and Brain-Mind-Body Connection Sessions provided by telephone or Skype.

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