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Healing Directions

Your Source for Healing Information, Sounds and Tools in Support of Brain-Mind-Body Connection


Your healing potential stirs anew every day. It quietly moves to establish and integrate health and well-being within yourself. Healing Directions provides services and guidance that gently taps into this quiet potential to influence peace of mind and ease of body. As we quiet and calm ourselves, deep healing, contentment, comfort, and satisfaction become reality - appearing level by level. It is our vision to convey mutual hope, inspiration and creativity as we learn and grow together. If you personally, and/or as a leader of a group, are on a walk of conscious healing desiring greater understanding of the brain-mind-body-soul connection, we are here to help.  1-to-1, in-home, in-office, elder-care settings, healthcare facilities, support groups. 

"Without the help of Big Pharma, the insurance companies, doctors, nurses or any of the other millions of people working in health care, you are helping people heal their lives, an hour at a time."  ~ Howard, Dallas area business owner

"Acknowledging pain instead of masking it with Meds has helped move through it. Not only physical pain, but the mental thoughts that creep in with the what ifs. Laura has a wonderful way of guiding us to places I never imagined." ~ Paula, Director patient care 

"Certain adverse feelings have probably been a recurring theme in your life. I believe they recur not to freeze us in our tracks or to get hooked into a bunch of drama, rather they are for our continued learning and healing.. " See full article in Voyage Dallas


Our services include 1-to-1 and small group Meditative, Energy-enhancing, Calming sessions; Energy Balancing Healing sessions; and Sound Piano Lessons, and Musical Accompaniment for small gatherings.

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